Wednesday 14th July, 2021. 100th anniversary of the birth of Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson

Geoffrey Wilkinson was born on 14th July, 1921. The Trustees of the foundation honour him with great affection.

As a result of his generosity and highly successful life, especially in terms of publishing ( Advanced Inorganic Chemistry and Basic Inorganic Chemistry written with F. A. Cotton and later others) contact with industry (especially with Johnson Matthey through rhodium phosphine catalysed hydroformylation), the Foundation is able to fund a variety of ongoing and one off projects as well as make charitable donations.

Amongst the current ongoing projects are, a studentship in inorganic chemistry at Imperial College, currently held by Filip Aniés,  the Sir Christopher Dobson PhD studentship in Protein Folding, and a PhD studentship in the History of Medicine at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The last two studentships are expected to start in late 2021. In addition, the Foundation funds the annual  Sor Geoffrey Wilkinson Dalton Poster Competition in collaboration with the Dalton Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the European Network of Young Chemists’ biennial Chemistry Rediscovered. The Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson EYCN Video Competition.

We shall be thinking especially of Sir Geoffrey (Geoff) today with great gratitude and affection.