International Year of the Periodic Table

As part of the celebration of the International Year of the Periodic Table (2019), the Geoffrey Wilkinson Foundation has sponsored or helped spnsor a number of projects:

Elemental Escapades

Video Game (joint with EuChemS) Elemental Escapades – a Periodic Table Adventure. The game is available (free) from GameJolt through the link below:

Elemental Escapades! at GameJolt

Video competition

Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson Prize for the best video in the under 18 category ‘In Your Element’, organised as part of the International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT) in 2019.

This video, by Daniel Estrada Ramírez, Petronela Oltita Ghitoaica, Emma Juanpere Colomina and Jhasmin Edith Suarez Santalla, is the winner of the EuChemS Chemistry Rediscovered video prize for under 18s funded by the Wilkinson Charitable Foundation.

The European Young Chemists’ Network (EYCN), in collaboration with EuChemS and IUPAC, organised the second edition of the video contest Chemistry Rediscovered in honour of the International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT) in 2019. Young chemists (12-35 years old) were invited to send in creative videos of maximum 90 seconds on the theme In Your Element. There were 2 categories, under 18 and over 18, There were > 250 entries from 17 different countries. The Foundation funded the prize for the best video in the under 18 category, which was awarded to a Spanish group – see the video above.

All of the winners can be seen here (link to EuChemS)

Oldest printed Periodic Table Wallchart

The foundation will provide the bulk of the costs to transport this unique artefact from St Andrews where it has just been conserved to the Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly where it will be on display throughout July, August and September, This artefact has not been seen in public for over 100 years. (The world’s oldest periodic table wallchart is reproduced in the banner image for this page).

Periodic Table for Schools

How much is there? Is that enough? – Scarce elements vital to modern technology are becomming important geopolitical factors.

The foundation has provided funds for printing a new Periodic Table developed by EuChemS, with a Royal Society of Chemistry Periodic Table on the reverse side. In collaboration with BASF as distributors it is hoped to get this into as many schools in the UK as possible.

Copies are available in English, Welsh and Scots Gaelic. Downloadable copies in > 30 languages as well as explanatory notes are available at EuChems site:

EuChems downloadable periodic tables

Framed Periodic Table for display

The foundation has funded the printing and framing of large posters of the EuChemS Periodic Table for display at public events and eventual hanging in the School of Chemistry in St Andrews.

Handouts of the EuChemS Periodic Table

The foundation has funded the printing of A4 copies of the EuChemS Periodic Table in English and Scots Gaelic for handing out at public and school events.